Manifest Questions

Column 3 (Age) - The return of age in column 3 should be expressed in years or months, the latter applying only to those under 1 year of age.

Column 4 (Sex) - The entry in column 4 should be either M (male) or F (female).

Column 5 (Married or single) - The entry in column 5 should be either M (married), S (single), Wd (widowed), or D (divorced).

Column 6 (Calling or occupation) - The entry in column 6 should describe as accurately as possible the occupation, trade, or profession of each alien arrival, as for example: Civil engineer, stationery engineer, locomotive engineer, mining engineer, brass polisher, steel polisher, iron molder, wood turner, etc., and not simply as engineer, polisher, molder, turner, or other indefinite designations. A distinction should be made between farmers and farm laborers, regardless of the amount of money shown, as follows: A farmer is one who operates a farm, either for himself or others. A farm laborer is one who works on a farm for the man who operates it. Steamship companies should make this distinction on the manifests, and corrections should be made, if necessary, by inspectors and registry clerks, during the personal examination of alien arrivals.

Column 7 (Able to read and write) - Column 7 is subdivided and the entries therein should be either Yes - Yes (can read and write), No - No (can neither read nor write), or Yes - No (can read but not write).

Column 8 (Nationality) - Column 8 should be construed to mean the country of which immigrant is a citizen or subject.

Column 9 (Race or people) - The entry in column 9 should showthe race or people as given in list on reverse side of alien manifest.

Column 10 (Last residence) - The entry in column 10 should show the country, and city or town of last permanent residence, instead of the province, city, or town.

Column 11 (Final destination) - The entry in column 11 should show definitely the place (city or town) of final destination.

Column 12 (Whether having a ticket to such final destination)- The entry in column 12 should be either Yes (ticket) or No (no ticket).

Column 13 (By whom was passage paid) - the entry in column 13 should show definitely by whom passage was paid, as self; husband, father, brother or other relative; friend; steamship company, etc.

Column 14 (Whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much) - The entry in column 14 should give in each case (individual or family) the exact amount of money shown.

Column 15 (Whether ever before in the United States; and if so, when and where) - The entries in column 15 should show whether or not (Yes or No) in the United States before; and if so, the year (or period of years) and place; as 1894-97, Philadelphia.

Column 16 (Going to join relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend) - The entry in column 16 should show whether going to join either a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, with name and complete address.

Columns 17 to 22 - The answers in these columns are subject to revision by any inspection officer in the examination of immigrants.