The Family of Leopoldo Pappalardo and Matilde Ragozzino

born (birthdates are based on Ellis Island manifests)
Leopoldo Pappalardo likely emigrated 1913
Matilde Ragozzino 1874 - emigrated 1914 - died 1932
Teresa 1902 Napoli - emigrated 1914
Emilia 1903 Napoli - emigrated 1920
Salvatore 1905 Napoli - emigrated 1920
Concetta 1908 Napoli - emigrated 1920
Giuseppe 1911 Napoli - emigrated 1920
Luigi 1913 Napoli - emigrated 1914

Matilde Ragozzino Pappalardo was Gennaro's younger sister who married Emilia's brother, Leopoldo Pappalardo. They emigrated to New York 10 years after the Ragozzinos. Their children and Gennaro's children were "double-cousins," meaning they were related both maternally and paternally. The Pappalardos must have had a close relationship with the Ragozzinos. It is unknown if there were other children but there likely were since the oldest known child was born when Matilde was 28.

Leopoldo emigrated with any older children in 1913, the year Luigi was born. Matilde joined him with Teresa and Luigi in 1914. It is unknown why the four middle children didn't join the family until 1920. They list Gennaro's sister Giuseppa as their closest relative in Italy. She must have been their caretaker for those six years.

Giuseppe and Salvatore's names are inscribed on the Wall of Honor at Ellis Island, panel 330.

Social Security Death Index for Salvatore and Giuseppe Pappalardo
Unknown if these are relatives.

Salvatore Pappalardo
SSN 136-03-7190 Residence: 07111 Irvington, Essex, NJ
Born 18 Nov 1904 Last Benefit:
Died 15 Jun 1995 Issued: NJ (Before 1951)

Giuseppe Pappalardo
SSN 123-03-6745 Residence: 33710 Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Born 23 May 1912 Last Benefit: 33710 Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL
Died Jul 1986 Issued: NY (Before 1951)